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Ever dreamed of learning a certain subject only offered in universities? Your dream just came true! You can now get to learn topics in various disciplines, from computer science to food and nutrition, from Medicine to finance and economics; name it! And… drum roll please… FOR FREE!

Harvard and MIT have created a non-profit organization called EdX with a mission to bring the best of higher education to students of all ages anywhere in the world, so long as there is Internet access. EdX has designed these online courses to be interactive. Subjects offered include computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics and data analysis, energy and earth science, food and nutrition biology and life sciences, business and management, chemistry, engineering, law, humanities, medicine, philosophy, physics, to name but a few.

These online courses are designed to include opportunities for professor-to-student and student-to-student to interact. EdX does individual assessment of a student’s work and for students who demonstrate their mastery of subjects are given a certificate of mastery. Certificates are issued by edX under the name of the underlying University from where the course originated, for instance HarvardX, MITx and so on.

EdX aim to make much of the edX course content available under more open license terms that will help create a vibrant ecosystem of contributors and further edX’s goal of making education accessible and affordable to the world and so far, several universities and colleges including MIT, Harvard, University of California, Berkeley, Rice University, Wellesley College, Delft University of Technology and University of Texas at Austin are already offering courses on the online platform.

This is a noble idea that comes at a time when higher education is now becoming a must have as the labour market becomes flooded with unemployed youth. Many employers also have complained about the quality of graduates coming from our local institutions. For those of you who have passed through local universities and colleges, you may agree that our libraries leave a lot to be desired and the course delivery in these institutions sometimes is very poor either because of incompetent instructors or lack of resources. These online courses from top universities in the world will serve to complement our institutions of higher learning and also provide access to though individuals who may not have a chance to join colleges and universities at all.

This online resource can be accesses at https://www.edx.org.

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350 New Jobs Coming Up!

Toyota Kenya: 350 New Jobs Coming Up

Toyota Kenya and Truck World Limited have partnered, in a move that is expected to create 350 new Jobs, to build a modern assembly plant in Nakuru, Kenya. The plant is expected to build bodies for trucks and buses. This move is geared to increase the presence of the Hino brand of motor vehicles. In a similar move in February 2013, Toyota with Associated Vehicle Assemblers launched another such facility in Mombasa, which is expected to produce 50 units per day.

This move is a huge boost to devolution in Kenya. Nakuru County is known for agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. This move is bound to create a variety of other jobs by blue chip companies, especially technical ones like mechanical engineering, mechanics and so on. According to a UN study released in 2011, Nakuru is the fastest growing town in Africa and the fourth in the world. Recently, a lot of companies especially banks have been opening branches in the town to capture the rapidly growing market. Indeed, the town has more than 30 banks within the CBD.

The motor vehicle industry in Kenya has a lot of potential in job creation. There has been increasing demand for locally assembled trucks in EAC and COMESA regions and this is projected to create about 250,000 jobs. This is being made possible by the increased number of sales of locally assembled vehicles and the increased decentralization of vehicle servicing facilities and availability of spare parts.

However, there has been concern about the small number of graduates being absorbed into the job market. Employers have raised complaints about the quality of graduates and their ability to fit well into the job market. Most employers are concerned about the costs they have to incur to re-train fresh graduates in order to provide the required services. No wonder most jobs are going to expatriates.

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